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We help high tech start-ups to grow (and grow....)

You are always short of resources when starting a high-tech venture, and however experienced your team, you will always be glad of some help. Whether it's about raising capital, developing your marketing strategy, or building sales, we can probably help you. Not with management theory and flipcharts, but with practical assistance based on years of hands-on experience gained working in all sorts of technology start-ups and early stage ventures. Taking small companies and helping them to grow successfully.
We've been able to help other ventures - now let us help you!
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About our business
The business was founded by David Sykes, who has spent more than twenty five years working in British and American high growth start-ups, where he held a variety of senior sales, marketing, and general management roles - including positions on several company boards. This has given him considerable experience in all aspects of starting up, growing and managing new ventures, from inception through to flotation.
business plans
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marketing strategy
sales management
product marketing
channel strategy
market research
international business development
grant applications
marketing communications
recruitment and HR policies
 and much more besides....
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Some of the things we can help you with
Downham Hill Associates is a sixteen year old business consultancy, based near Bristol, that specialises in working with start-up and early stage technology ventures. Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of companies in electronics, software, IT and telecommunications - in both B2B and consumer markets - for clients in the UK, Sweden, and America.